Now is the Time to Buy!

We are so glad that you’ve stopped by. Whether you are looking to Buy, needing to Sell, or are just tired of managing your rental properties but still love that monthly check, then You have come to the right place.


Home ownership is a major part of the American dream. And right now, rates are lower than we have ever seen. There are literally hundreds of houses available for you to make into your dream home. But has the inability to get a loan dampened your dreams? Are you scared you are going to miss out on this monumental opportunity? Don’t let bumpy or no credit squash those dreams. Now is the time to buy and Focus Property Solutions is here to help.


Rent to own is one of our most popular programs. It allows our customers with bumpy credit to get into the Home they have been looking for. It is kind of like taking a house for a test drive. And the best part is that there are No Banks involved. No stacks of paper work to fill out. No reminders of that job loss, that divorce, those medical bills, or … We get you into your Home and you test drive it while our team of professionals FOCUS on getting your credit up to par. Then, you simply buy your New Home. Challenge, meet Solution.


There are many to choose from. And we only offer Nice Homes in Nice Neighborhoods.

So, click on the contact us link for more information and to schedule a free consultation with one of our Solution Specialist. What do you have to loose? The answer is nothing; But you have your Dreams to Gain.

Having Trouble getting a loan?

Most realtors will not spend any time with you until you have a prequalification letter. And if the bank comes back and says they can’t help you, it leaves you with a major sinking feeling inside. If you can feel that lump in your stomach right now, then you know what we are talking about. So how can we FOCUS on getting you into your new Home?


If you have a steady job, then you have our prequalification letter. When banks look at what happened 5 years ago, it doesn’t tell anything about the person you have become today. When Banks look at bumpy credit, all they see is a problem. We FOCUS on You for who You are Today. We see the solutions that get you past that Old bumpy credit, and into the New Home you deserve.

Having two mortgage payments is a challenge. Having a house that will not sell is a challenge. Having bumpy or no credit is a challenge. Being new to Land Lording is a challenge. These are not problems though. A problem occurs only when you allow that challenge to become a stress in your life. It can then cause friction between you and your loved ones. It can even cause you to loose sleep at night. A problem occurs when frustration keeps you from seeing anything other than the challenge. But know this: Challenges have solutions! Challenges can be solved! Challenges are meant to be over come! We bring you back into FOCUS, so you can see past the challenge to the solution. And we are good at what we do.

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