We understand the challenge involved in finding good responsible tenants that will take care of your property. We also understand how time consuming it can be to oversee repairs and collections. Let’s face it; you deserve your time off. You don’t need to be called at all hours, being pulled away from your family to go out on little calls during the night. You also deserve to be paid on time. This is our Philosophy when it comes to Property Management: Tenants have a right to a clean, habitable, and a safe place to live. Landlords have the right to have their property taken care of and to get paid ON TIME!

This is where we come in. First, we diligently screen our tenants that we put into your property. Next, we stay in contact with them on a regular basis in the form of calls, “drive-bys”, and surprise inspections. Next we make sure your rent comes to you ON TIME! If not; we have the experience to get tenants out quickly. You deserve to be paid ON TIME! But remember, we FOCUS on carefully screening our tenants. If your property doesn’t have a great tenant that pays on time, we don’t make money. That is more motivation for us to make sure you have not just a good tenant, but a great tenant.

Here’s how we helped

Here’s the way we work: We charge one month’s rent to fill a vacancy when we sign on. “When we sign on” is another way that we FOCUS on your needs and this is what it means: Some property management companies will screen tenants less intently because frankly, they’re not concerned with finding quality tenants! Their incentive is to merely fill vacancies because they can charge you a fee every time they do! We don’t feel that’s the right way to do business. You will not be charged the property management fee for that unit again without the completion of a lease. If a tenant breaks a lease, FOCUS Property Solutions will absorb the cost of that property management fee. That’s more incentive for us to provide not only a good, but a great tenant in your property. We then charge a low flat monthly rate to manage the property from collected rents. Simply put, your property is now on autopilot.  

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