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Our economy has put us into a unique position. There are literally thousands of properties for sale. But no one is buying them. Getting a loan has become very difficult. Foreclosure rates are high. This has plummeted the fair market values and left many people upside down in their mortgages. Interest rates are at an all time low. And if you are looking to upgrade, now is the best time. But there is that little issue of “no one is buying”. How do you upgrade your home when you already have a mortgage payment? What if you have already upgraded because you where sure you could sale, and it hasn’t? What if you are just starting out and you would love to take advantage of the low rates and great prices on houses? What if the banks will not give you a loan? What if you want to own your first, second or… rental property?  


Do you have two house payments? Has your property been on the market for months and still has not sold? Are you uncertain of how long you can keep up with the payments and worried about foreclosure? Are you upside down in your mortgage? If any of these apply to you then you may want to ask yourself, “cash or terms?”


Home ownership is a major part of the American dream. And right now, rates are lower than we have ever seen. There are literally hundreds of houses available for you to make into your dream home. But has the inability to get a loan dampened your dreams? Are you scared you are going to miss out on this monumental opportunity? Don’t let bumpy or no credit squash those dreams. Now is the time to buy and Focus Property Solutions is here to help.


We understand the challenge involved in finding good responsible tenants that will take care of your property. We also understand how time consuming it can be to oversee repairs and collections. Let’s face it; you deserve your time off. You don’t need to be called at all hours, being pulled away from your family to go out on little calls during the night. You also deserve to be paid on time.


We buy all of our houses using funds loaned to us from private individuals who either have a retirement account they wish to grow or who have been successful savers. Our private lenders come from all walks of life. We have commercial pilots, retired business owners and medical and military personnel as lenders. We also have had mechanics, utility workers and sectaries make us loans.

Having two mortgage payments is a challenge. Having a house that will not sell is a challenge. Having bumpy or no credit is a challenge. Being new to Land Lording is a challenge. These are not problems though. A problem occurs only when you allow that challenge to become a stress in your life. It can then cause friction between you and your loved ones. It can even cause you to loose sleep at night. A problem occurs when frustration keeps you from seeing anything other than the challenge. But know this: Challenges have solutions! Challenges can be solved! Challenges are meant to be over come! We bring you back into FOCUS, so you can see past the challenge to the solution. And we are good at what we do.

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is a locally owned and operated real estate investing company in Calhoun Georgia. Our mission is to change the world by giving each of our clients a wonderful place to call home. We do this by taking pride in the work that is done to restore the houses we buy, so that we produce a high quality product that our future home owners will enjoy making memories in for years to come.
We buy, sell and rent homes in Gordon and surrounding counties. So if you need to sell quick from Cartersville, Calhoun to Dalton and anywhere in between, please contact us directly at the number listed below.our house vacant? In need of repairs?
Have an unwanted house and need to sell quickly?
Tired of bad tenants? Or did you inherit a problem property that’s putting undo stress on your family?
These are common problems that can happen to anyone! Want to know how to stop the stress?
We buy houses and mobile homes in NW Georgia in any condition or price range. We can pay all cash, with no contingencies, and close in 10 days.
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We very much enjoy buying houses and mobile homes in Bartow and Gordon County. We also like Cobb and Whitefield County. So if you need to sell quick from Kennesaw to Cartersville, Calhoun to Dalton and anywhere in betweem, cick the button below.

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